Updated Smartphone Feedback Thread
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    Med Studentz Newbie MedStudentz's Avatar
    Member Since
    Feb 2014
    10 times

    Updated Smartphone Feedback Thread

    We're pleased to announce that we have launched a new smartphone view on the site, in addition to the recently added mobile view in the last upgrade. This version has been designed to have a cleaner look, to fit really nicely into mobile (iPhone, Android) browsers, and unlike most normal web based skins will also include features that are normally reserved for desktop or phone applications. We built this as we realize you all spend more time today on your phones on the forum than you did 2 years ago, and we want to get the mobile view to a place where you can do everything (and more!) that you can do on desktop.

    A few notes as I know many of you may have questions:

    * This does not replace the free or paid in-apps that you have, such as any mobile apps. This is web-only.
    * This new skin will only show when you access the site from a modern (Android 4+, iPhone) phone. It will not show for older phones or for tablets, blackberries or windows phones.
    * Please give us some time as we work through bugs. Give it a try, give us feedback in our mobile thread url, and give it a chance. Every change needs time to get used to!​

    If you visit the site from your mobile phone, you'll get the new view automatically. You can login, post, reply, upload photos, view your private messages and more. You can also use the legacy mobile view by choosing the top left menu and Exit Enhanced Mobile Mode.

    The feedback thread for any bugs, etc, please post below.

    **Please let use know the device, software version, and browser being used if reporting any issues.



    A few of the new features that were added:

    Completely replacing the PM system with one that better matches what members see in the desktop version.
    A pull-to-refresh functionality has been added on all appropriate pages in addition to the refresh already available in the overflow menu.
    A new scrolling feature has been added so that if the user starts scrolling the screen prior to an auto-scroll happening (like moving to a post per the current read position), the auto-scroll is cancelled so the user is not fighting with it.
    There is now a font size preview in the Font Size settings page so the members would know what to expect.
    Sticky topics can now be hidden from within the page where they are being viewed
    The vote count on poll results has been animated to count up along with the bar graph animations that were already present.

    Now on to some of the fixes we that have implemented:

    After sharing a photo from the media viewer, the user will not be returned to the media viewer instead of the topic.
    PMs will now be correctly marked as viewed and word-wrapped.
    The forum will now work with iOS Safari if the user had opted to block all cookies.
    Double-tapping buttons or links will no longer cause functionality to execute twice.
    The text in the header is now re-sizing correctly when members are scrolling through the page or opening the side menu.

    Please give this newly improved version of the mobile view a try and feel free to let us know what you think in the feedback thread.

    Thank you.
    Last edited by MedStudentz; November 8th, 2014 at 12:29 AM.
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    Med Studentz Addict Crypt's Avatar
    Member Since
    Oct 2013
    390 times

    It immediately made me flinch from the tapatalk outlook,

    Cant it be made into an exclusive medstudentz app with this mobile view layout?:/

    Its so much better..:/
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    Med Studentz Newbie MedStudentz's Avatar
    Member Since
    Feb 2014
    10 times
    If you want to continue to view the site in desktop view you can. Use the menu button in the top left to access the list of options with desktop view.
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    Med Studentz Beginner abdullah-khan's Avatar
    Member Since
    Oct 2012
    Lahore, Pakistan
    62 times
    I am leaving this message from my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus) for testing purposes.

    Everything is working fine. I like the simplicity of the mobile site.

    The desktop version of the site is also the best forum design I have seen to the date. Keep it up. Cheers!
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