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Thread: General Rules

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    General Rules

    1. ALL POSTS MUST BE IN ENGLISH. Shorthand is NOT allowed! Any post in any other language will be deleted. Make your best attempt to spell everything correctly. Modern browsers (i.e. Google Chrome) have built-in spell checkers that can help you. Writing in shorthand (similar to typing a SMS) by using words such as u, dun, lyk, nt, c00l, etc is prohibited. Your posts will be deleted and you have been warned. Posts with terrible spelling will be deleted without warning. This rule is in place so that other members can easily find information in the future. By using shorthand, it severely reduces the effectiveness of the site's search function. This is one of the most important rules of this community and for this reason it is Rule #1. Failure to follow this rule will result in you losing the ability to post replies.
    2. BE POLITE. Flaming is hostile and insulting interaction between users. It can stem from a variety of issues including misunderstandings, frustration, perceptions of unfairness or simply the desire for attention and for entertainment derived at the expense of others. It is not tolerated at Med Studentz so please be mindful of what and how you post. If you think a particular post is inappropriate, please report it to a Moderator using the Report Post tool (a button at the lower left corner of all posts - it looks like a triangle with an exclamation mark inside it) and request that the post be reviewed. If you insult another user you will no longer be welcome in our community.
    3. USE THREAD TITLES THAT INDICATE THE NATURE OF THE QUESTION. The title of a post is meant to be a very brief and accurate description of what your question is about. As it is assumed that everyone needs help titles such as ‘Help Me Plzz’ etc. are pointless, annoying, ineffective and lazy. Using an excessive amount of symbols such as ? and ! in a post title should also be avoided for reasons already given. A post with an effective title will get more views than one with a useless title. The thread title should be at least one level of specificity more than the forum in which you post. For example, a thread in Pakistan Medical Admissions should not be titled "Admissions Help", but more like "What Is Required to Apply?".
    4. CHOOSE THE CORRECT FORUM. The key to posting a question in the correct forum is to consider the scope of the question and consider where it would best fit in the community. Questions should be posted in the forum that is most appropriate to their content. For example, questions about applying to medical colleges in Pakistan should be posted in the Pakistan Medical Schools forum, NOT in Med Studentz Lounge. When in doubt, report your post to a Moderator using the Report Post tool (a button at the lower left corner of all posts - it looks like a triangle with an exclamation mark inside it) and request that the location of your post be reviewed. And please use a different title for each new thread.
    5. NO CROSS POSTING. Cross-posting is the act of creating the same post in different threads or forums on the website. Unfortunately, replies in one forum are not visible to people reading the post in other forums and this can lead to duplication of effort and hence waste of time. Members are asked to post their question once only and in the correct forum. Users who habitually cross post will lose their right to post.
    6. USE THE SEARCH FEATURE. Be sure to use the search feature before creating a new topic. By using the Search bar in the top-right section of the site you will be able to find an answer faster than posting and waiting for others to reply. If after searching you are unable to find anything, please create a new thread in the proper section and use an appropriate title.
    7. STAY ON-TOPIC. Do not make totally pointless threads. It is okay to make jokes, without them the forum would be boring. But do not interrupt a serious discussion with something completely off-topic. If you wish to discuss anything off-topic please post in our Med Studentz Lounge.
    8. PRIVATE MESSAGING STAFF. Do not send private messages to the site staff if you have a question that can be easily answered on the forums. Post your question in the appropriate forum and then be patient and wait for a reply. If you ask your question via private message you are only helping yourself and depriving any future users who have the same question from finding the answer. By posting in the forum, not only will you get a reply but you will also be helping others who have similar questions.
    9. ADVERTISING. Links in a signature to commercial websites are not allowed unless specific approval by an Administrator has been given. Signatures containing overtly evangelical or political statements are not allowed. Signatures deemed to contain inappropriate content will be removed. All posts that are advertising any service or product without consent of the board's administration will be deleted. Any account involved will be blocked and banned. This site's purpose is to help others, not serve as your advertising forum.
    10. USE THE LIKE BUTTON. If another member creates a post that you find useful, please be sure to click on the "Like" button that shows up in the bottom right corner of their post. Please do not reply to the post and simply say "thank you". Writing "thank you" as a reply adds unnecessary posts and makes it harder for other users to find useful information as efficiently.
    11. COPYRIGHT. In posting on Med Studentz you are agreeing that your posted work may be reused by the site in any way that the Administrators and/or Moderators deem appropriate without seeking any further permission but with due attribution where appropriate to the originator. This in no way effects your rights to reuse any such material for any purpose you see fit. You also agree that your account and any posts made become permanent property of this community. Due to the way that a forum functions, we are unable to grant any requests for posts or accounts to be deleted.
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