Planning to go abroad
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    LightbulbPlanning to go abroad

    Hello, i'm in the 5th year of MedSchool in the University of Carabobo, Venezuela.

    I was thinking in the US as one of my options to residency, but i have some questions that i'd like you to help me with.

    I'm getting prepared for the USMLE, i've heard about the Steps and right now i'm studying by Kaplan's books, the regular books i used in the first years and some other books like First Aid for USMLE.

    My question is:
    After i'm done with the Steps, what do i do next? how is the admission process in a particular hospital?

    I've heard that after the two parts of Step 2, you can get admitted in a program.

    As i'm a medical student, and i don't have a job yet, i'm very concerned about the costs when getting into a specific postgrade program.

    So, if i get a good qualification in the Steps, and i get selected by a hospital, what do i have to do next? What is the average cost of a semester in a program?

    In Venezuela, people get paid while they're being residents, and they do not have to pay for anything, but i'm not sure how the process is in other places like the US.

    I'd really appreciate any information.

    Thank you very much!
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    May 2014
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    After you clear few steps like step 1 and 2 you will be taking up a direct interview in US. It might be a practical test too. On clearing the final step you will be admitted for the residency. But, I don’t have any ideas on the cost of the program and also the cost they pay for the practitioners. It would be clear if you suggest with the seniors who already practicing in US.
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