Hello everyone! My name is Sebastian and I am currently a third year (5th semester) med student. Medical school in my country is 6 years long. I have done one semester of clinicals and I am planning on taking the USMLE step 1; however, I do not know when would be the best time to take them. I have read some of the other threads and I have noticed that most of you have taken the exam after graduation, but many have also complaint that you have forgotten a bit of the basic courses. Well, I am thinking of taking a semester off after my third year to study for the step 1 and I would like to know what you guys think about that. I can't really do clinicals and study for the step 1 at the same time because I already have to study 9+ hours a day without counting the hospital.... I guess it is a bit sad to not graduate with the people that I started, but if this would be best for my future then I don't mind doing it. Also, some friends of mine think that it could be hard to get back on track after taking the semester off. So, I am still undecided and would like to know what you think.
Let me thank you beforehand for taking time to read this and for any help.