Step1 or step2 FIRST
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Thread: Step1 or step2 FIRST

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    Med Studentz Newbie
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    Jul 2009
    Lahore, Pakistan
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    SmileStep1 or step2 FIRST

    Can someone please give me advise on whether it is better to do USMLE step1 first or step2CK first, right after final yr MBBS? Not just blindly following what seniors do or what the general trend is, but logically considering the pros and cons. Reasoning would be appreciated. Also examples of any friends/family who has taken the Ck before step1 approach and whether they have done well, not done well etc.

    Am looking forward to replies from people who have BEEN THROUGH the hurdle of STEPS. #grin
    Would prefer pakistani/indian point of view, but others can give their suggestions as well.#yes
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    Moderator MastahRiz's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Philadelphia, PA
    91 times
    That question doesn't have a correct straight-forward answer. There's no 1 best order to take these tests in. It all just depends on when you can study and afford to take the tests. Many people do step 1 first and some do CK first. Others start with CS. Others schedule CS when they can make it to the US.

    For many, step 2 CS is easier than the rest and therefore many people like to get it out of the way. Step 2 CK is in line with many of your subjects in medical school and therefore some people like to take CK during 4th/5th year of med school. Step 1 takes more time to study for and therefore some people do it last, or first.
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    Med Studentz Newbie
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    Sep 2008
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    hmm........i agree with mastahriz , its different for everyone. logically - 5th year MBBS subjects (in general) are the same subjects for step 2 and so if you properly study 5th year and do the practice mcqz as well through out the year then LOGICALLY you should do step 2 first in my opinion. but what i have heard mostly - people spend time and do step 1 first , its better to use your energy and determination initially for preparing for step 1 as it IS THE MOST IMPORTANT part ! the main thing is to set 1. yourself a goal (which should be determined after asking many people for advice and what YOU BELIEVE IN) , 2. what every you've set , go after it with passion, faith and CONFIDENCE ! so in my opinion do step 1 first then the others , but again at the proper pace with the proper attitude , you'll be fine. then what's left is probably getting married.

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