You get extremely depress.
You want to runaway far from every question.
You think what to do.
You spoil yourself by not doing any workout any start destroying your body.
You imagine a good fortune when you came out of paper but now your life is screwed.
You planned to get through this like you have dealt in the past exams.
You realize that it would be funny if you fail but on result report you cry like a baby.


Now you realize that you didn't compete the caliber.
You are gifted another chance but think again before throwing it too.
You collaberate everything but it was not enough.
You approach the wildest depth of your mind knowledge but it was not helpful.
You examine yourself by meanest way like a strict teacher but couldn't cope it.


Schedule yourself
Collect the real stuff
Elaborate the subjects
Maximize the time
Minimize the waste of time
Regulate the knowledge by memorizing
Stick with planning now which you are proceeding towards.