I often find Medicine people confused about their future plans, so here we are to help you. No matter you wanna stay in Pakistan or want to go abroad, no matter you want to opt for FCPS or USMLE or may be PLAB, we are here to answer your queries. Even if you are interested in skipping Medicine field after MBBS, we can help you in finding the right options.
As for FCPS, FRCP/MRCP, USMLE or PLAB is concerned, we will deliver the BEST of our knowledge In_shaa_Allah.
+ you can Discuss all the possible questions about Core Knowledge like by posting MCQs & relevant stuff.
you are WELCOME to ask any question regarding career, any; may it be in relevance to planning or executing, don't hesitate, go ahead & plan in advance, so that you may not regret in future!

So invite your all friends of Medicine, develop the spirit of helping others, because we believe sharing is in fact caring & that is why we are here on a forum
Thank you

Anas Rafiq.