USMLE 1 Helpppp
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Thread: USMLE 1 Helpppp

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    Med Studentz Beginner
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    Nov 2010
    gaborone botswana
    4 times

    USMLE 1 Helpppp

    Hey there. I'm a recent graduate from a medical school in Pakistan and busy doing HJ these days. I was lucky to come across so many posts on USMLE. Indeed, it was a great help but veeryone seem to have their own ways of preparing for these exams. I want to appear for step 1 In shaa Allah asap. The ONLY step fwd iv taken towards it is that Iv bought step 1 books - kaplan. it would be great if any of u (preferebly someone who has cleared step 1 with a good score) help me out as to how i should strt studying along with this busy hj schedule of mine? i reallly want to do well as well as soooon In shaa Allah. Also, I feel i dont have good enough concepts of any subject what-so-ever. In other words I feel I need to study everything from scratch to make a good enough concept to ace these exams. Pleaseeeeeeeee help asap. Thnaks
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    Med Studentz Beginner iqrarocks's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    5 times
    Hi energetic,
    I have not given USMLE Steps yet....but I do plan to give it sometime insha Allah.
    What is HJ?
    Anyhow, preparing for the USMLE requires a lot of investment of both money and time.
    I can't say much about money, but I surely can try to help you with the time-management.
    To start off, I would recommend you to give a first read to First Aid. It will give you a brief, but good idea of the test format, study tips, and important topics tested in the USMLE(Steps).
    Then, read the kaplan books, and watch the kaplan dvds only for those topics you are weak at.
    As you read the kaplan books, you can refer the big textbooks for important topics you are weak it, but that depends on the time-frame you have set for yourself. When are you giving the Steps, anyway?
    Notice the phrase "important topics you are weak at"; you might be weak at embryology but reading Langman/Klm would be a waste of time as these are not important for the Steps. Likewise, don't waste a lot of time reading Histo from big textbooks like Laiq Hussain, Junquiera. Read the Kaplan books and master the topic by doing questions (more on this later). On the contrary, don't skip Physio or Patho topics from big textbooks if the need arises--but again NOT all topics of physio are tested on the Steps; you can only gauge what's important by doing practice questions.

    Lastly, but most importantly, PRACTICE! Qbank USMLEWorld, etc....whatever type of question pools you can get your hand on! Don't miss out on this very important part of preparation!

    Hope this helps
    Best of luck
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    Med Studentz Newbie Jenny's Avatar
    Member Since
    May 2006
    Miami, Florida
    10 times
    Were you able to give the exam? How did it go? Care to share any insights?
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