Come to M?xico as part of an exchange program
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    Med Studentz Newbie
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    May 2006
    Monterrey, M?xico
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    Come to M?xico as part of an exchange program

    Hey there. Well I'm a med student from Mexico (UANL in Monterrey, look north in a map of Mexico). Our faculty is one of the best in M?xico and we have an extensive list of "partnerships" with other medschools around the world. The school offers the option of coming during summer to do some clinical rotation or research in the different departments of the faculty. Lots of people from all over the world come here, the workload is not too bad and it leaves you plenty of time to travel around the country. I belive it's a great opportunity to have some time-off and still get credits for research or clinical rotations =). If any of you guys are interested in coming here just give me a shout. I would love to see some of you over here and share some experiences in sunny Mexico =)

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    Med Studentz Pro
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    Feb 2006
    Dominican Republic
    12 times
    OH wow! That sounds very interesting. I'd love to come but wont be able to anytime soon. But thanks for the offer and I'll deffinitly keep it in mind. :smile:
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    Med Studentz Newbie
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    Sep 2006
    domican republic
    1 times
    hey, that will be nice, here is my mail, maybe we can talk, , hope you contact me soon,

    Future Neurosugeron, Dr. G
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