Fudan University
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    Fudan University

    Fudan University (Medical Center)
    Fudan University, located in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, is one of China's most prestigious learning institutions. Fudan, founded in 1905, takes its name from a famous line in the Confucian classic, The Book of History : Brilliant are the sunshine and moonlight, again the morning glory after a night.
    Fudan's name thus means ever pushing forward with renewed energy.

    Fudan University is under the direct jurisdiction of the State Ministry of Education, enjoys national construction priority. Fudan University and Shanghai Medical University merged into a new Fudan University in April, 2000. Fudan University is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary research university with many highly-ranked majors and programs.
    Schools and Institutes:
    Fudan University comprises 17 full-time schools (including 66 specialties) and 4 departments: the Schools of the Humanities, Journalism, International Relations & Public Affairs, Law, Economics, Management Sciences, Information Sciences, Technological Sciences and Engineering, Life Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, Nursing and Graduate School , the Continuing Education School , the Distance Education School and International Cultural Exchange School . We have 68 specialties for Bachelor's Degree Candidates, 209 specialties for Master's Degree Candidates and 157 specialties for Doctoral Degree Candidates.

    Now, Fudan University has nearly 44,300 students, including full-time students, students in Continuing Education or Network Education, as well as overseas students.

    International Students
    Since the 1950s, Fudan has enrolled international students, as one of the first few institutions in China to do so. Since that time, Fudan has accepted and trained over 10,000 foreign students from 100 different countries and regions worldwide. Many students have received systematic training and have obtained Bachelor's , Master's or Doctoral Degree.
    Presently there are over 3200 long-term international students in Fudan, half of whom are actively pursuing degrees, the rest are general scholars and visiting scholars. Besides, Fudan will also enroll over 600 short-term students each year.
    Fudan accepts international students into its Bachelor's, Masters', Doctoral programs as well as advanced programs in liberal arts, sciences, and medicine. The School has also established a Bachelor of Arts program called the Chinese Language for international students and there have been seven groups of graduates. Besides all levels of Chinese language teaching, the School has opened courses such as Chinese literature, Chinese history, Chinese economy, Chinese philosophy and Chinese law for interested international students. According to their different requirements, these courses will introduce basic knowledge of Chinese social economy, history and culture.
    MBBS - An English-Taught Medical Undergraduate Program of Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University in 2008
    Program Overview
    According to “ Provisional Regulations on Quality Control Standards of English-
    Taught Medical Undergraduate Education for International Students in China ”The Ministry of Education of China has approved Fudan University as one of the thirty qualified universities in China to enroll international students in the English- taught undergraduate program of medicine.

    To promote its international education, Fudan University will start to enroll
    international students in the English-taught undergraduate program of medicine in the fall-term of 2008. The program aims to educate international medical talents with solid medical knowledge, standard clinical skills and good professionalism while giving due consideration to the possible needs for them to serve in their motherland or other countries. The students will acquire the capacity to work in medical and health departments, making contributions to the areas of patient care, education and research.

    The program is completely taught in English and follows the principle of consolidating academic basis, stressing technical skills, enhancing interdiscipline and conducting clinical practices.
    Offered by Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, this program is open to international students in pursuit of the science and practice of medicine. Those with exceptional performance will have oversea clinical internship opportunities. After completing the total required credits, students will be conferred diploma by Fudan University and qualified students will receive the Bachelor Degree of Medicine Science (M.B.B.S.). Graduates will have the opportunity to enroll for Physician Qualification Exam according to the relative regulations of the concerned country.

    According to their website the course is 6 years and tuition fee is 75,000rmb/year and there is a pre-entry exam and interview
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