How many years is the dental program at DIMC?
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Thread: How many years is the dental program at DIMC?

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    Jun 2012
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    How many years is the dental program at DIMC?

    I am an international student looking to join Dow International. I have completed 4 years of High school and currently looking into taking my SAT's. I also have some units from a local community college such as Math, English and other classes related to Science. However, I do not have any Bio or Chem background beyond High School.


    1. When is the soonest date to apply/register?
    2. What are the deadlines to submit my SAT score?
    3. Can I take my SAT II simultaneously while I am enrolled?
    4. Do all your credits transfer to anywhere in the US?
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    Med Studentz Regular Waleed90's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Texas, USA
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    Hey there, the dental program at DIMC is 4 years.

    1. Registration is open now! I would recommend applying as soon as possible.

    2. Well, if you can provide all other information and documents to DOW such as your high school diploma and transcript they may let you turn in SAT scores as late as December or January. Otherwise, I believe sometime in September or October would be the deadline.

    3. Like I said above, if you get Provisional status, meaning you meet all their requirements but still have to submit SAT scores, you will have the option to take the SAT while you attend classes. However, you only have till December/January to do so.

    4. I'm assuming your asking about when you come back to USA after BDS? If so check out this page
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    Oct 2012
    New Delhi
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    DIMC dental programs is 4 years.
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    Med Studentz Newbie
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    May 2013
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    Dow International Medical College(DIMC) is a medical college is located at karachi,Paksitan.The dental program at DIMC is 4 years.
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