Hi, I am studying in Crimea State Medical University named after S.I.Georgievsky., Simferopol ,Crimea, Ukraine (Russia) . I have completed my 2 nd year here out of 6 years .this year i will continue my 3rd year of medicine. Recently Crimea state joined with Russian Federation from Ukraine . so , now if i staudy in Crimea , i will have a Russian certificate after completion of my graduation instead of having a Ukrainian certificate .

****1. so, if i will transfer to any Ukrainian medical university ,then can I do MRCP or any post graduation degree in EUROPE ? or can i give PLAB or USMLE exam in future ?

****2.or there will be any problem for transferring ?

****.3. if in my graduation certificate 2 medical universities name will present
( as admitted in one university & gratuated from other university ), then it will be problem to give PLAB, USMLE , AMC or to do MRCP or any post graduation degree in Europe not ?

**** 4. your suggestion please .

A. staying in
Crimean State Medical University named after S.I. Georgievskiy

B.or transfer toDanylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

from where i got invitation which is situated in western Ukraine near Poland border ... i have only few days to decide ....
i am waiting for your answer . thanks in advance...