"Medical Science is nearest to the soul being the closest to humans"

6 Year English Language Program - Bachelor of Medicine,Dentistry
4 Year English Language Program - Nursing.
Internationally Recognised Qualification.
Multi-cultural Student friendly environment.

Join students all over the world at multicultural campuses and practice anywhere in the world after qualifying.
-Get An European union certified University degree and work with your degree anywhere in europe and beyond after graduation.
-Unlimited Opportunities with an EU Degree.
Candidate above 18 with a high school certificate may apply.Students currently in a medical school or with a medical related degree e.g in biochemistry,microbiology,pharmacy,herbal pharmacy etc may also transfer into 2nd,3rd or 4th year of medicine at Romanian Medical schools.

Requirement : Only High School Result needed ! Passes in:Chemistry,Biology,Physics or sciences or Mathematics or related subjects to course of study.
Yes.That's right! The only requirement is ONLY your high school result.

Tuiton fee: 3,200 Euro per annum
Annual(1year) budget fee of 7,000 Euro including: Tuition, Accommodation, Spending, Food, and Transport.