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    Med Studentz Newbie Ahtisham ALi's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
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    Intro From a New Member

    Salam guyz! let me introduce myself My name is Ahtisham ....student of pre-med 2013 now preparing M-CAT from Multan....i am feeling no hesitation to tell all the members of this site that i am really inspired by the post of one of the members of this site named Jamal...i've just got 370 marks in part 1 though my bio paper went very badly but still i was hopeful to get about 415-420 marks it hurted me a lot I left hope to get admission in any med clg but i regained some hope that i should try now in 2nd yr and than i would repeat my 1st year and performed well in exams now it's upto the checker that what reward he gives me......from 6th june I am taking classes of M-CAT in sakims (Multan) but while starting i didn't ever thought to get admission this year i don't no why but one of the reason was that i saw there a student infact number of students got 950+ in in my batch and they were repeating, it shaked my confidence much more and i thought that i may not get admission even after repeating :/ seems to be strange but it did happened to me 2-3 days back....thanks to internet as it is it's duty to mislead us a person searches for one thing and it shows us other i searched for physical chemistry test questions for ch 1 (calculations of mole,mass,stoichometery etc ) but it mislead me (infact lead me) to this site in my first test in sakims i scored 38/60 5 blanks that was of bio i did prepared my test but yet i feels i didn't did it well in the second test which was of chemistry i scored 38/60 but this time 16 blanks(my first time i was doing calculations without calculator so time up).....reason to tell all that is because now i want to change myself and i can do it by sharing my problems with others.....i like cricket much and many times while a cricket match i am used to of studing with mute volume (cricket match) strange but i bet most cric lvurs uses this method...but just 1 post has changed my complete view now i have gained a new spark that it's ok even if i get 860-870 marks in 370 as mentioned earlier i did performed well in part 2 examination) i am still in the game...and that 1 post has inspired me to register to this i also do believe that still about 3 months are left so i can now fight back even with low score of 850+ i can get admission this year...even though if i fail this time to achieve it i have 1 more opportunity but i want to try it now.....thanks to this site and i request all members to pray for me.....coz i feels that em still in game....may Allah bless u all...thanks.....
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    Moderator MedGrunt's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
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    Hi Ahtisham ALi, thanks for signing up! We're so glad to have you as a member of our community!

    If you have any questions, please be sure to ask them in the correct section so that we can all help you!
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    Moderator purpleprism's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    San Francisco, CA
    152 times
    Thanks for the introduction Ahtisham ALi! We're glad that you chose to become a Med Studentz Member!

    If you have any questions, please ask them in the proper section and we would love to help!
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