Medicine In Pakistan???Anyone??
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    Med Studentz Newbie syedshah's Avatar
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    Feb 2014
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    QuestionMedicine In Pakistan???Anyone??

    salamz, i've been searching for info regarding medical in pakistan,,but haven't been able to get what i wanted..let's try my luck here,

    I am currently doing A-levels in dubai,,i am done with biology and am doing in chem nd phy exams r coming in jun 2014..i want to do medical in pakistan, to be more specific, in Khayber pakhtunkhwa..nd to be even More specific., am trying for Khyber medical what is the procedure for admission after i get my results..from what i have heard..we have to convert our marks first to paki marks..along with o level marks..which should add up to make 60%, that would make us eligible for the entry this the case..i think this info is too damn not sure of anything.also plz tell me are my subjects fine..and is it okay if i just do my AS in physics nd nt we actually dont have a permanent phy teacher, nd i dont wanna end up with a U jst cuz of A2, SO pls give me some info abt the admission requirements for overseas Alevel students,,nd when do we apply..nd how do we apply..nd any extra info u got, sorry people,,i know am a headache, but beleive me,,searchin about this on the web gives me headaches..i thought only students can understand students..plz guys..prove me right..,
    thanx to all those who attempt to give even a little info..or even attempt to read it..
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    Moderator MedGrunt's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
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    Hi syedshah! Welcome to Med Studentz!
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    Moderator purpleprism's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
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    Welcome! Hope you enjoy being a part of our community, syedshah!
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