Hi Everyone.

I introduce myself to all I am Raj Malhotra,I am Student!!!

Can anyone suggest which PGME guide to use ? People have advised amit ashish & Mudit Khanna. However, I have checked both these books and have not been satisfied with the accuracy of the answers or the extant of explanations.:confused:

I have recently come across a new PGME guide by Rohila called Comprehensive guide which has both AIIMS and All India ten years papers besides subject synopsis and detailed answers to the last ten years question papers. They also have a companion website where you get to answer 300 question mock test every month , which gives you your score as well as All India Percentile score. It also provides recent exam solutions.

On the face of it looks a pretty neat product. I understand that it has recently been released. In case you check it out, please let me have your feedback.

Please feel free to help meee!!!

Thanks N Regards
Rajj Malhotra.