North Korea tests its first NUKE!
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    North Korea tests its first NUKE!

    North Korea detonated what everyone thinks to be a nuclear device Monday of this week. What's everyone's view on how the international community should respond, if at all?#eek
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    Iranian President Ahmadinejad spoke a few days ago about the use of nuclear weapons in the 21st century -- I find that his comments below show him to have a lot more restraint and peaceful rhetoric as compared to how he is portrayed by most Western media outlets.

    "The bottom line is, we do not need a bomb, unlike what others think. Regretfully, some believe that the nuclear bomb can be effective in international relations. They're wrong, because the time for nuclear bombs has ended. We know that. These nuclear arsenals will not benefit anyone. They have to spend so much money destroying them. If the nuclear bomb could have saved anyone, it would have prevented the collapse of the Soviet Union. If the nuclear bomb could have created security, it would have prevented, perhaps, September 11th. If the nuclear bomb could have done anything, it could have, perhaps, stopped the Palestinian Intifada.

    "Today is a time of thought and ideas. We know that and we felt that across the world.

    "And let me say that at the same time, we are Muslims. And based on a decree given by the leader of the Islamic republic, moving toward having a nuclear bomb is banned and forbidden. Therefore, no one has the right to move in this direction. In our country, it is not permissible."

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    President of Iran

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