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Thread: How did you find out about Med Studentz?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smeer

    I haven't been on this site in years, but I wanted to express my appreciation as to how much this website helped me many years ago when I was applying for medical schools in Pakistan. There really was no central source of information, but the active discussion on this website went a long way in having all the information in one place and keeping the conversation and tone positive. I graduated from King Edward last year and was recently asked by a senior physician about some information regarding the application procedure for medical colleges in Pakistan. Despite not having logged in for many years, I was able to sort through old posts very quickly and find a post I had made in 2006 (8 years ago) very easily.

    Major props and appreciation to the creators/maintainers/organizers of this site. It's a pristine example of how far organizing and keeping things professional can go in seeking advice and moving forward in your career. Thanks again to all those involved!
    Hello Dr. Smeer,

    I found your posts on here very helpful.
    Congratulations on achieving another milestone.
    Can we hope to receive future guidance from you
    as well? (If possible, any help , would be
    greatly appreciated).

    Thank you,
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    Med Studentz Beginner Ahren's Avatar
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    I googled it =) As simple as that) Nothing more)
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    The Way I Came Across

    I found it while searching medical forums on google engine.
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