I am going to talk about International High School of Medicine of International University of Kyrgyzstan. (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan). This is the only university in whole former USSR, which is offering 5 Years MD English Medium Program. All other Russian universities have minimum 6 years MD and if you want to study in Russian Medium then you have to do additional 1 year Russian Language Course.
1) I want to ask that this program for 5 year MD is acceptable by other countries for admission in Phd?
This university is recognized by WHO and students are taking exams of MCI and PMDC.
The problem about which I need your help is about the contractor of university. The university has hired two contractors for Indian and Pakistani Students. Students can get admission only through these contractors. University has students from Indian and Pakistan only so the basic purpose behind this university is to earn money. Contractors take 1000$ contract fee when student get admission. Then student pay 2200$ fee to the contractor every year and contractor pays 1800$ in the university. Means he takes 400$ per student per year. We have signed contracts with the university that we will pay our fee to the contractor. So we have no right to deal with university admin directly. Sometimes, it causes problems for students. They don?t have freedom of expression. Contractors have direct involvement with teachers and if you have good relations with the contractors then you can pass without studying and if you contractor is angry at you then you cant pass. Teachers take money from students for passing them.
When a student enters in the university and know about the whole situation then he tried to change the university if he has sources. But after passing 3rd year, he become calm and tries to relax himself by thinking that university is recognized by WHO and PMDC is accepting students from this university. But during these 5 years, student loses his self respect. He gets degree with no knowledge and most important that he does not gain moral values which he had to gain from his education institution during this time.
I need help and suggestions on the behalf of these students who were cheated by the contractors and cant change their university because they belong to moderate families which cant afford their studies in other expensive universities.