How do you endure scoldings from senior doctors and teachers?
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    How do you endure scoldings from senior doctors and teachers?

    Hi there I'm new here and I am currently a third yr med student in a south east asian country.Well I am actually a foreigner here so I might not be very knowledgable regarding this country's culture and so.
    I am just wondering how do med students esp those in clinical years can endure scoldings from senior docs? I mean I know they say what doesn't kill you make you stronger but I've no idea how mean can the clinical years be. But I've actually had a taste of it today when a doc scolded me on how I am unaware about their local etiquette in talking to elderly here when I tried hard explaining what I meant in what I said, it was thru text-messaging. It was through smses. Not only that,I had to sit through of 10mins how he ranted that the international students are very rude in talking to the senior docs and all. I apologized non-stop to him and others there to see what had happened. Back home I am crying like crazy feeling rather embarrassed. I know it will be way worse once Im in my clinical years but is there any tips on how I can handle scoldings from doctors? Most of the time they might just want to correct our mistakes, and sometimes they might just have a bad day. But what's hard is to not cry later and feel really crappy about it the whole day. Anyone experienced can share any tips? Thank you all
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    Welcome to the forum and i hope you will share all your experiences with us here !
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