Waleed Hi. Your info has really helped me thank you. But I still have a couple of questions.

First, I graduated from a public high school located in Michigan, U.S.A. Took the basic Biology, Chemistry, and physics that they offer, passed all with fine percentage. I also took AP bio, but didn't take the AP exam. The IBCC people said my score is 787/1100. IBCC people say that it has to be Pre-Med equivalent, and they have sent info to my high school for verification and if my high school approves it they will further make sure that it is all accurate as required to be further processed. But since they keep saying Pre Med equivalent wont the high school just deny it? (again its a public high school like any other one in Michigan or U.S.A). This Pre Med equivalent is whats bothering me, can you please clarify. I have just basic bio, basic chemistry, and basic physics that they offer in high school. Will I get an Equivalency certificate?

Also for Dow Medical International regarding the aptitude test. Is it hard? I heard all you need is like a 40%, is that true? So do I even need to study for it and how many questions does it consist of, and what type of questions? Can you put like a practice test maybe of some sort or just some sample questions.

Thank you.