I am a pre med student..I did my olevels and I got 7 A*s and 2 As in my olevels..computer studies was my extra subject..I got 3 As in my Alevels in bio chem and phy and B in English and C in math..I couldn't afford private medical colleges therefore I didn't apply there.i applied in aku but got rejected by just a tiny little difference in the science math section. I couldn't score very high on the mcat and I basically am helpless now! My aims have been very high but nothing seems to be going right for me at the moment.please tell me what shall I do? I wish to do specialisation from an excellent medical college from abroad .canada America England and Australia are my options..I hope there are sufficient scholarships that are offered and that I can earn enough money till the time comes.but my only option left is fmdc..(it's an option if I get admitted there) but if I do..is it a good choice? Will I be eligible to apply for the usmle or plab? Fmdc is recognized by pmdc but not by WHO or AVICENNA..please guide me...what shall I do? It is not possible for me to take a gap year even...are there any good medical colleges abroad that can offer me full scholarships as an international student?..