So I heard they're handing out bladders down at the lab...
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    Founder Rehan's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
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    So I heard they're handing out bladders down at the lab...

    Woah, check it out. They've grown brand new bladders in the lab for people with meningomyocele and other bladder problems. It's considered a milestone and other organ-producing labs now seem to be on the horizon.

    My question to you guys is this: do you think something like this will put an end to the black market of organs that exists in some parts of the world today? Will 20 years from now people no longer have to die because they were waiting and waiting for a transplant donor and didn't find one in time?

    I think this type of research is excellent, should have government funding and should have every country of the world that can afford to, cooperate to make this technology a reality ASAP.

    How do you feel about this? Is it unethical? Is it awesome? Does it trivialize human life?

    Share your thoughts!

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    Moderator MastahRiz's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
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    I'm all for it. It was bound to happen after some guy sold his kidney on ebay for $250,000 dollars
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    Med Studentz Pro
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    Feb 2006
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    Oh really I didn't hear about that, MastahRiz. Maybe I should cash in for mines huh? lol.
    My opinion about organ cloning is that, why not? I think as long as we don't clone a whole human being there shouldn't be anything wrong since it is for the use saving lives. Can you imagine a loved one on his/her death bed? All he/she needs is an organ and can't really find one. I dont see why, if there is a way to get one from the lab, I shouldn't give it to her/him?!
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