Its tiring, monotonous, futile and most important of them the 'Passion' has dried out. The passion of becoming a doctor, the physician which every aspiring medical student dreams to be one day. I am an INFJ I guess.
Long story short, I'm currently a 3rd year medical student from Pakistan. After having a decent show in 1st & 2nd year I've realized that commitment to what you're studying is the name of the game in this field. But honestly I felt lost the moment I opened Katzung (Death to Pharmacology). Pathology is a near win & Forensic Medicine is chill you know! Literally. You know you've got your crazy Dexter moment when you open dem mortuary doors to find chilled corpses.
Anyhow I want to say that as you advance towards the final 2 years of medschool, focus is more on the clinical side of which I am totally in love with and it should be like this. Seriously you don't have to treat patients by telling them your academic achievements and shamelessly holding those big textbooks while giving a differential diagnosis. Cramming is still prevalent and sadly glorified in this part of the world. Cliches! Who cares?!
IF YOU ARE READING THIS! Then, as the thread title goes by I need help to get out of this crisis. Basically any studying pattern, technique related to tackle Pharmacology because it's not easy. Not easy in a way its way too extensive and there's a lot of mix up (adverse effects thingy).
DO NOT suggest me books. I've chosen my book KATZUNG (Bari wali). Just give me tips, techniques, useful mnemonics or any other useful sorcery. Motivational comments are welcomed.