Foreigners Applying To Med School In Pakistan With A Levels
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    Med Studentz Newbie Aqeela's Avatar
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    Jul 2014
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    Foreigners Applying To Med School In Pakistan With A Levels

    I'd like to enquire about foreigners or international students applying to med school in pakistan. what are the required grades to attain in A-levels, are C's acceptable as i've heard private institutions only accept straight A's?
    And would you recommend pakistani universities over china?
    Also, in A levels, is chemistry biology and physics sufficient or is maths compulsory too?

    Thank you!
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    Med Studentz Newbie Zee 281's Avatar
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    Jul 2014
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    hey Aqeela,

    if you're applying to med schools in Pakistan then you'll have to get your equivalence done through IBCC its a process through which you can get an average percentage of the grades u achieved in your A-levels and IGCSE, the grades that you got in the three sciences chem,bio,phy in A-levels are only taken into account and not math as its not considered part of the med group so need not worry about math and your chances of getting in a med school in Pakistan depend on your equivalence (the percentage).

    Now the minimum requirement for most private med schools in Pakistan is 60% equivalence and if you get higher C's it's most likely to be more than this so its fine to have C's but then you'll have to perform really well on the test or if you're applying for an international seat then your SAT-2 scores in the three sciences should be really good.Nevertheless if you have straight A's u wouldn't have to worry much.

    good luck!
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