Foreign Kid In need of Assistance :D
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    Med Studentz Newbie coolbakr's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    jersey city, USA
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    Hi. I am currently a Senior in an American high school. I am posting this topic for some assistance and advice..

    I am not one of the brightest of students scored sadly a 1380 on my SAT I. My gpa is like a 3.2. I was wondering if you guys know any places i can go to get assistance or recommendation to helpful books to prepare for my Sat II tests for bio chem and physics..I really don't think i can score above a 650 in these subjects without help, especially after seeing my disappointing outcome of 1380 on my sat I.(scored 510 on Math, Scored 500 on reading, scored 370 on writing)

    Furthermore, i have taken some pre pre med courses in my high school. I am a licensed to administer CPR for more than two years now. I have volunteered my hours in a dental clinic and my local trauma hospital. The classes i have taken in high school are the following: Drugs and Solutions, A&P 1 , and pharmacology. Now its my senior year and I will be taking A&P II, Nutrition , and I am also taking an EMT(emergency medical Technician) basic course. If i pass this EMT course i will be Inshallah a licensed EMT practitioner straight out of High school. Hence, my second question now is would this prior experiences of mine in high school and my future experiences give me an advantage in the admission process, even if i don't do great on my sat ii? ..

    Also as you guys can see i have a very very very hectic schedule, therefore, i am not gonna be taking any ap courses in my senior year, which is bothering me cause i wont have a high ibcc result with the lack of ap courses.

    The two major colleges that i am looking to apply to in Pakistan is King Edwards, and Shaifia Med School.

    I am open to suggestions and any advice at the moment i still have one more year of high school to go. I am just worried about my future.

    -- Bakr --

    Is it me or for the IBCC A's and B's not good enough for it?.. this is gonna suck i wish colleges look at all the courses i take and all the pre medical preparation courses i take i really need help
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    Moderator MastahRiz's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Philadelphia, PA
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    The IBCC won't give you extra marks for anything other than Advanced Placement courses. If you're serious about going to medical school in Pakistan, then your main goal in senior year should be nothing other than trying to raise your GPA and killing the SAT II's. Everything else just makes for good things to bring up in an admissions interview, and only gives you an edge over someone with all of your exact same scores/grades who didn't do any of those extracurricular things. A's and B's do matter to the IBCC, and your IBCC score matters a great deal to the Pakistani medical colleges. You aim should really be to get nothing but A's from here on out.

    SAT Scores in the 300- 500 range won't help. In fact, they'll work against you. You definitely need to take them again and boost each of these scores by at least 200 pts. No joke. 200 pts. Seriously. Go to a Barnes and Noble bookstore and look at every single book they have for SAT II prep, and if you can afford it, buy all of them. Like I said, you need to boost those scores by 200 pts. Not 190. 200 minimum.
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