hola amigos ! I'm new to this place so i hope peeps would be extending a helping hand :-) I've just completed my std 12 from India with 87%. I missed slightly from getting into a good MBBS college here :-( . Although I have recieved a confirmation letter from a bangladesh medical college. But since its too far away from gujarat, india ; i thought i'd try my luck in pakistan medical colleges. I read the threads and rehan's thread has definitely helped a lot to fathom the application procedure. But i have few queries to which i'm looking for satisfactory replies:1. How to apply for an IBCC equivalence certificate ? 2. Which are the top 10 best medical colleges of pakistan according to an authentic ranking system ?3. Which are best 'government' medical colleges of pakistan ?4. How many seats are reserved for foreign candidates in ^ these best government medical colleges ?5. Till when can i apply for IBCC equivalence certificate ?6. From which date do these government medical colleges (KEMC, FJMC, AIMC) start there admission process for foreign candidates ?Awaiting satisfactory replies.Thank you. (psst, please be brief and to the point) ^.^