Hey there! So I'm a medical student at shalamar medical and dental college, now it may sound quite weird but I cant study here anymore, btw im in first year only and im fully aware that I am supposed to pass 2nd year in order to be eligible for the transfer. I seriously want to migrate to LMDC I know this is weird but the thing is that I was previously admitted there for Bds and I studied for over 2 months there, people there are very civilized whereas here at smdc everyones so narrow minded and weird, and the study here is average I have no idea how have they managed to achieve this level bit trust me the inside story is diff :/ so my question is wat are the requirements for the transfer ? Do I have to pay the 3rd year fee at smdc and lmdc simultaneously or will they refund it and what are the other requirements, I ll highly appreciate prompt response, ty for reading