Any King Edward students, help
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  • 1 Post By ali9686

Thread: Any King Edward students, help

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    Med Studentz Regular
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    Feb 2007
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    Any King Edward students, help

    So prof time is coming and supposed Madam Atyia is going to be the external viva for AIMC, first professional part 1.

    What are the do's and don't in front of her.

    What does she like and does not like from a student when she is taken their viva.

    Can u give me a complete description form how to dress in from of her to how to speaks and what not to say.

    Also what if u dont know something, how to go about answering her.

    What does she love to ask about in First PRofesstional Part 1

    PS how to get maximum mark by her #wink

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    Med Studentz Beginner
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    Dec 2006
    Multan, Pakistan
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    Well since UHS changed the whole viva scene, it really shouldn't matter. I haven't had the pleasure of dueling with Madam Atiya, but from my experience wearing a tie woos the lady docs. Chillax, since when have you heard of an external failing a student?
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    Med Studentz Beginner ali9686's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    Lahore, Pakistan
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    Madam Atiya is the nicest examiner in the entire world. She will not fail you, un-less you make multiple gross mistakes. Usually the external examiners get bones and the histo-component of the viva. (that is how it is at KE)

    A tie is a must with her. Look decent as well, shave....etc

    Its a bit hard to understand her at times. She was a weird accent and its ok if you ask her to repeat the question (its your right). So not to worry. She will take a thorough viva so be prepared. At least 2-3 questions from each section that she is assigned. Starts of really easy too. So get the most in the beginning.

    -Answer in English only. Its a Professional exam.
    -Always answer the question looking directly at her.
    -Limit your hand movements as you talk. She doesn't like it and its distracting to her. Can annoy some examiners well(hard for me at first but got use to it)
    -Be precise and to the point.
    -If she asks to select a specimen your self, decline at all costs and ask her to pick for you.
    -Since you are American, you will get the standard inquiry from her; asking where are u from, why did u come here, and what do your parents do....etc.
    -Other than that she asks straight forward questions. Nothing tricky. If your doing really good, she will through in a bit of clinical anatomy just to get you some extra points. But if you don't know, then no harm done.
    -Never had her for Histo viva so i can't really say.

    -Do not make gross mistakes.
    -Don't beat around the bush.
    -Never say sorry, i don't know, or stay silent after she asks a question. (if you don't know take an educated guess chances are that you being in the ball park she will ask the next series of questions to get the answer out of you)

    Hmm other than that you shouldn't worry. Very chill and nice lady...
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    some kids gave their stage vivas to her and just abt every kid got 60 plus with her...........

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