Hey guys,
I am a third year medical student based in Karachi. And considering how important a research elective is to your CV, if you're considering a residency in the US, I decided to opt for the former. I began emailing various doctors in different colleges (The ones that were ranked high ofcourse). After several rejections and some vague replies from the Doctors and assistants alike, I finally got a positive reply from a Doctor in Cornell, who is willing to induct me in the field that I am interested in. But now here's the problem. I can only do the Elective for a little over a month. I mean around 30-35 days max. That is how long I get for my Summer vacation in June which is when I am planning this research elective. Though I do get 6 weeks off in September after my proffs, I don't want to do it then since I want to perhaps do something else here in Karachi. (A clinical elective in Karachi perhaps? Just to gain some experience). Plus, resits are common in third year student. I know I haven't gotten one and its out of the question since I get decent grades, but I just don't want to take any risks. So do you think a month is too short a time for research? I did mention that I want to join him for 5 weeks in my email email to that Doctor, and he still replied so I am guessing its not a problem.
I am really confused about this time thing, I mean if its too less i.e. I spoke to this friend of mine at AKU who just went for her research Elective to US and hers lasted for 6 weeks. She said even a 6 week period isn't enough. But when I told her I am planning it for a month, she said that I grab whatever opportunity I get since any research experience in the US would look good on the CV. Also, I don't know if I'll be getting published. Is the latter a good enough reason to not go for it?
I'd be grateful if you people could give me your views. I am going ahead with my application process at Cornell, but I still want to know what other people think. Thanks.