Hi everyone.
I have an aggregate of 87% and i might not get into any medical college in Lahore.
Now i have to set priority and i Dont know what to do. I want to be a surgeon so well equipped institute would be better for my future. Kindly help me set my priorities.
the problem is Multan is a good college but it is far from my home town Lahore, therefore, i was not interested in it. i was interested in Sialkot, RWP and Gujranwala med schools coz they are relatively near and these cities are well developed with good atmosphere, unlike Multan. Moreover, i have home in sialkot, hence, i was interested in Sialkot as my first priority.
People Kindly tell me what should i do :/
earlier, i was about to do rwp - fsd - gjr - skt

But sialkot is a new college and might lack proper equipments and teaching facilities. on the other hand, gjr building is still under construction, so that is a bad choice. Tell me guys what should i do :/

Is Seat Swapping or you can say double migration an option. I know a lady who got into Aimc but is interested to study in skt. Can i let her take my seat and come lahore on her seat?

urgent reply would be apreciated