Very Stressed out Can Someone Help Me?
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    Very Stressed out Can Someone Help Me?

    So here is my story...I went to a private prep highschool in california and graduated 4 years ago and started going to a private university in the states also. I just finished my 2nd year here as premed but competition is soo tough here im considering going to med school in pakistan.

    My parents both went to med school in pakistan long time ago and my older bro went to a med school in the states and graduated a few years back.

    Ive been looking over these forums for a few days now trying to learn about the admissions process etc.

    Im considering going to pakistan but no sure if I will get accepted at this point...

    I took all the science courses in high-school and did pretty decent -mostly As and Bs.

    In college however my grades have been lowered which is why im not sure if US med school is still a good option.

    Im researching the ibcc conversion stuff right now (its so confusing?) and is it still possible to take SAT II as a college student? if so, ill have to wait an additional year now because they don't offer sat subject tests until the fall.

    please let me know what you guys think thanks!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Yes, you can still take SAT IIs after graduating high school. IBCC does not require SAT II tests, but some private schools do so you should check if the schools you are interested in require them. They may also allow you to take an entrance test instead of submitting SAT II scores. Government schools do not require SAT IIs.

    Your college grades will not be considered if you took the required classes in high school.

    And for future reference please label threads according to the content. Save the drama for your mama. #yes
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    DIMC is is still accepting applications and you don't need SAT II's ; DIMC requires eiher IBCC or SAT II's not both
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