Help Needed From FUMC Seniors!
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    Med Studentz Beginner Bilal Faiz's Avatar
    Member Since
    Sep 2014
    5 times

    Help Needed From FUMC Seniors!

    can it be possible if one studies in private for a while and then take the mcat next year for admission in a govt med institute...i mean what are his chances of getting in for mcat...will it be difficult studying mbbs and fsc both... or can it be managed? especially at fumc
    P.S if someone has done it or even tried it plz tell me
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    Med Studentz Regular nouman javed's Avatar
    Member Since
    Sep 2013
    32 times
    I couldn't know that you are bilal who prepared in kips 6th road rwp for mcat.
    It depends how super nerd you are to handle it.
    I'm not senior in fumc just like you got selected in November.
    You have to sign a bond which makes your passed mbbs first proff null and void.
    Thus your 10 lacs and one year is wasted, you'll study first year again in gov college.
    There is another risk every year applicants number increases for the test for example in 2012 39k appeared and in 2013, 41k appeared and in 2014, 44k and it will not be less than 46 k in 2015 making the admission much difficult.
    If you have 950+ marks in fsc then your chances exist.
    I'll appear also in mcat 2015 just for fun.

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