Hello every one... This is my second day on this site... And my first thread Cheers every one!!!

I gave my alevels a year ago and I wanted to do medical. I applied everywhere but the whole ratta of 6 fsc books I just couldnt do so I managed to get a seat in the self finance scheme for foreign students through HEC and got into Sheikh Zayed Medical College Rahim Yaar Khan. Too far away so I decided to take a year off an prepared the fsc text books and this year I found out just last week that their is going to be an A level based test now. So all my effort for one year got sorta wasted #angry

I would like to know form any one whether they've seen the model paper on the UHS site and what do thay think? I thought that the time limits to short for us alevelers because our mcq's require thinking rather than just recalling stuff. And our question are longer too.

If any one can help me out I would appreciate it!!!!