From All concerned parents:
( Dow International Medical College session- 2009 (4th Batch) at Dow International Medical College (New Campus) Ojha DUHS)
In order to order to improve their system, there should be a student organization that can pass their issues to the authorities. After reading student blog, I see some potential of leadership in your group that can be a good example for DSA (dow student Association). I encourage all of you to take an initiative to improve your Hostel and Academic issues and be part of it as much as possible. I assume all of you have good understanding of an organized system. It would be much easier for you to spend five years there in much less frustration.
Ever since the session starts, students are dealing with so many issues there. I am sure every one of us is in great deal of frustration because of the way things running there at campus and in hostel.
Hostel issues: (These are some of the issues that were mention by residents of the hostel)
? Students don?t have sufficient amount of Hot water available for their utility needs. There should be clean water supply all the time in the hostel.
? The quality of food should be based on International standard and according to what we are paying. They should allow after hours excess to kitchen.
? One major problem children are facing in summer is no Air Condition in their rooms. The international college standard should provide basic comfort for international students.

Overall safety: (we should get the satisfactory answers for the following)
? What kind of prevention programs already exist?
? Is there any agenda for overall safety of college?
? At what extend the school is providing children safety in case of state emergency?
? Keeping parents informed in a school-wide emergency

Please check out following Campus Security Checklist that I have created for all of us so we all can encourage College authorities to implement them ASAP:

Campus Security Checklist

Access to Campus:

? Is the campus open or is access to campus restricted, requiring you to stop and check in or show ID? If so, during what hours is the entrance or other locations staffed?
? Are all campus entrances and exits that are open during the day also open overnight? If not, during what hours is campus access restricted, and how so?
Security/Police Staff:
? Does the college employ their own staff, or do they hire contract security officers?

? Does the college employ security officers (no law enforcement authority) or campus police officers, with the authority to make arrests?

? What is their level of training?
? Are they fully armed?

Access to Residence Halls and Dormitories:
? Is there any authorized person who make sure that all the student are back in building before locking the entrance door of residence building?

? Do they have system to keep track the students signing IN and OUTs?

? Is there any search strategy for the missing student.?

? Are the buildings locked? If so, around-the clock? If not, during what hours?
? Are the exterior doors locked and alarmed? If so, is this around-the-clock? If not, during what hours?

? Is there a building monitor or proctor at the front door to check IDs and sign in visitors? If so, during what hours?

? How do visitors gain access into the building and into students' rooms? If there is no one at the front door, is there an intercom that guests can use to call residents of the building to allow them access?

Escorts and Campus Shuttles in Case of Emergency:
? Does the college provide personal safety escorts? If so, by whom: security or a student group? Is this a van service?
? Does the college provide a van shuttle service off campus? Colleges may provide van service to off campus locations such as a pharmacy, food store, bank, mall, etc.
? Residence Hall Fire Safety:
? Does the building has fire alarm?
? Does the building have fire extinguishers?
? Are the exits (emergency and non) marked and clearly visible?
? There should be nothing in the hallway (obstruction to exit), there should be fire alarm pull stations at every stairwell, elevator and exit. Are there potential fire hazards such as bulletin boards covered with flammable papers in the hallways?
Medical records and prescriptions:
? Do they have all the critical medical information that will be needed for them to access emergency ? or even basic - healthcare information from past, for each student? (how can you be sure that all vital health information is available should an emergency happen?)
? Is there a Health Center on campus? When is it staffed? When is it staffed with a nurse? How do students get to the hospital for non-emergencies?
? Do they have first Aid Kit handy? (for minor cuts, sprained ankles, etc.)

Please, add more issues accordingly and approach to the authorities as a well organaized manner.