Assalam-o-Alikum. I have a 1947 refugee state subject certificate, and can thus apply as a refugee for state entrance exam. I have 922 marks in FSc.(Federal board, so the result has been announced), and I'm confident that I can secure 950+ in MCAT (I also got 150 in NUST without much preparation, and 471/800 in ETEA without any preparation at all). I wanted to know 2 things:
-What is the closing merit of refugees for medical colleges of Punjab and Ayub Medical College (KPK)? I'm not interested in AJK's medical colleges.
-Which one will make the base of my ETEA merit, the ETEA test or the state entrance exam (I've been told that you just have to pass ETEA, and then your merit will be based on state entrance exam)?

Thanks in advance to those who take their time to reply.