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I like both of them as well, Shifa is awesome in the basic sciences, but from what I have heard, FUMC has an edge in clinicals, and besides, FUMC provides a proper campus life as well, unlike Shifa. But the capmus life thing can be ignored, the thing is about the clinicals, have some info about the clinicals at shifa?
Sadly, I don't have any info about the clinicals at Shifa. But really, FUMC is starting to sound better and better.

Yea, going to Shifa means travelling everyday on a bus to get to your dorm.

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hey i was asking that i took english in igcse/o levels but do i need to take in as level?
or its ok if i don't take it i as and a level and then later on gi ve th SAT II english exam?
You don't need to take English in AS or A-levels. And you don't need to take any English SAT/SAT-II exam.