heyy.. I've done my olevels and got my equivalence made which turned out to be 720/900 and makes up 80%. fid my Alevels too this year and i've calculated my marks and they turn out to be 74.8%.also gave the Mcat conducted by UHS and sadly failed it as i didn't have enough time to prepare for it. got 362/1100.. i recently learnt how to calculate my aggregate, and i got 54.3.. I dont think thats good enough to get me into even a private sector med uni.. my place of interest is isb-pindi... could anyone please let me know if i have a chance to get in to preferrably IMDC,Riphah and RIHS on the local seat and if not could anyonr tell me if i can get in on the foreign seat with a SAT-2 score of 1800, not to mention my field of interest is BDS