math, Chemistry and Biology topics that I am studying:
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    math, Chemistry and Biology topics that I am studying:

    I am reviewing the following for Aga Khan's entrance exam:

    Whole Alg. 2 and trig. textbook
    Laws and constants in Chemistry--rate, gas, pH, hydrocarbons, etc.
    Basic Chemistry, such as atomic models, stoichiometry, electrochemistry, aqueous systems, functional groups, bonding, periodic table, etc.
    SAT 1 Math
    Unit on cells
    Some genetics
    Microorganisms and Fungi
    Plant biology
    Human systems
    Basic statistics and probability--from For Dummies books

    Things that I am skipping are these:

    My texts:
    Prentice Hall Biology(2008) and Prentice Hall California Chemistry (2009) and Merill Algebra 2 with Trignometry, along with Kaplan SAT 2 Subjects Preps for Biology and Chemistry; and Princeton Review for Physics. My supplement books include all science and math For Dummies selection and their workbooks. Also next year, I am getting more advanced Biology, Chemistry, and Physics textbooks.

    Is there anything else that I should be concentrating on that is not on the first list? Any recommendations would be helpful. Also am I on the right track of getting into Aga Khan Medical School?
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    I think you got pretty much everything there! That's a long list, keep at it.
    Applying to pak med schools?

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