Admission Requirements
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Thread: Admission Requirements

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    Admission Requirements

    Hey. I have and equivalence of 73% in O Level ( As it falls 10% due to not in matirc) im giving my A level 1st year exams in O/N 15 and a level 2nd year in M/J 16. I'll be opting for medical next. I'll give SAT 2 in Dec ( for medical is it SAT 2 for bio and chemistry or physics needed aswell?) I have been the manager in many school events. I have been the vice president of registration in the RMUN FSD. I have participated in Roolympics (sports event) . I have done many other activities like thees^. I am the President of the Student Branch of a registered NGO . What chances for admission in medical? AMC, nice medical college, shifa? KE?
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    Med Studentz Pro armourlessknight's Avatar
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    Sep 2015
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    Okay so first off, in Pakistan extra-curricular stuff does not matter except for AKU maybe. All admissions are on the basis of merit. Secondly, as far as SAT 2 goes, nobody but CMH accepts SAT 2 for local students.

    Now the merit is calculated as follows: 10% O levels, 40% A levels and 50% UHS MCAT. But here's the catch, your O levels is actually added into your A level equivalence. Your A level equivalence is calculated as follows:

    An A is 85, a B is 75, an A star is 90 and so on. They will take your A level subjects (Only Biology, chemistry and physics. No other subjects are considered) then they will add those to the 8 O level subjects. Then you will get a score out of 1100 which is your merit. For example: I had three A stars and 5 As in O levels, that equals 695. I had one A and two Bs in A levels, that makes 235. You add those two together and you get 930/1100 which is my merit. Just to elucidate, 85x5 + 90x3 for O levels and 75+75+85 for A levels; add 'em all up and you get 930.

    Now to answer your last question, to get into KE you need at least 90 percent total aggregate i.e adding A levels, O levels and MCAT. To get into any government institute you need at least 84-86%

    Last of all AMC will now be under NUMS, not UHS; so you'll have to give the NUMS test. Which will replace the MCAT in that case. But the calculations remain the same.
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    Med Studentz Newbie 458Italia's Avatar
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    Sep 2015
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    Building on what #armourlessknight said; even though all these things make for an impressive student CV but, sadly, medical schools in Pakistan don't really take anything other than your academic score into account in their admission process and this I can tell you from experience. On the flip side though extra curricular performance may bolster your chances in the evaluation for AKU (an exception to the usual trend of med schools here) so I'd suggest applying there. Plus as far as my knowledge goes I think SAT is applicable to CMH and AKU only but nevertheless SAT is a good option to avail.

    Now to the slightly depressing part. O/A levels is the easy part (I know it might sound cocky but in relative terms compared to the MCAT it sure as hell is) The real obstacle, then, is the absolutely annoying MCAT (entry test) which, again sadly, is pretty much make or break regarding your merit and hence your chances of admission into the top med schools of the country, albeit private or public.
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