A guy got admission in Abbottabad International Medical College. I want to know if this college is authentic as it grants the degree of khyber medical university which is recognized and the staff told him that the college is currently dealing with a lawsuit from pmdc and will rectify it by the end of the year or atleast till second quarter in 2016. Now I want to know if I should go for it too as I have a chance of securing admission there. I also checked frontier medical college but unfortunately missed the applying date for test so now i can only get on overseas seat. Kindly guide me if I should also opt for Abbottabad international medical college or should try for more expensive foriegn seat at frontier. Note that I have negligible chances of securing a seat in rwl/isb and lahore without donation or a foriegn seat and this could result in my year being wasted. Your opinion would be highly appreciated for this college.

P.S I know that currently admission is stopped there according to pmdc but they are still offering it by stay from court i.e legally. Shed some light on the issue of repute and recognition too.