Pak Med School---> US
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    Oct 2009
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    Pak Med School---> US

    A friend of mine from the carribbean has informed me that is is 'hard' to get residency in the US from Pakistani medical schools, and not just that, to do that, you have to complete USMLE Step 1/2/3 and then do 72 weeks of clinical rotation..this in total (with length of medical school in Pak) is 6-7 years. Do you guys have any comments?
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    Med Studentz Beginner
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    Jun 2010
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    please respond, i am interested in knowing more about this as well
    what would be preferred, Caribbean or Pakistani medical schools?
    is it true about 72 hours of clinicals? is this do-able?
    Also how many Shifa or other medical graduates place into US residencies immediately after graduation? how many years off do most take?
    help would greatly be appreciated
    thank you
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    Med Studentz Regular wasaykhan713's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Mississauga, Canada
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    From what I know USMLE steps are mandatory for everyone...step 1 is basic sciences and step 2 is clinical sciences. Step 3 is done during your residency most of the time. I'm not really sure about the 72 weeks of clinical rotations...from personal experience all the people that I know who r practicing in the states just gave their steps.
    Getting into a residency program is hard for any IMG, so to get considered you would have to to score much higher on the USMLE then what is required my US to get into a certain program. If you want to get into a really high specialty, such as surgery and stuff, you would have to supplement those scores with US clinical electives in your medical school year and research electives. A lot of people take a year or two off after medical school and go into research. This can highly increase your chances of getting really good residency spots. But all of this won't take into affect if you don't do exceedingly well on the USMLE.
    Statistics show that majority of the IMGs that are practicing in US, are from Pakistan..for now.

    There are some Caribbean schools that are recognized. They're are known as the top 4. One of the is ROSS, SGU, AUC, and one other one...cant recall...they all require an undergrad. Other then that it's not worth going to the Caribbean, if you put some research into'll notice that majority of them, other then the top 4 have really low USMLE scores rates. The only thing good about Caribbean medical schools is that they provide clinical rotations in the states. But other then that, most of the schools have a really poor education. In, the end I would say you're better off in Pakistan...other then the top 4 in the Caribbean. Remember not all of the schools are recognized in the Caribbean! So you will still be treated as an IMG.

    Most of the graduates from Pakistan get residencies immediately...but in the programs, such as family medicine, peds, internal medicine, and things. The people who want to get into surgical specialties, tend to take 1-2 years off and go into research to get better chances to get acceptances.
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