Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble in getting the equivalence certificate from IBCC. Reason for this is that I did grade 9 and 10 from Pakistan enrolled in the O'Level System and completed Grade 11 and 12 from Canada. I did not write the final O'Level exam and came straight to Canada after Grade 10. Due to this, the IBCC office is not accepting my application and will not give me the equivalence certificate.

The IBCC office recommended that I write the O'level exam in October offered by the British Council. This means that I wont be getting into Pakistn medical school this year according to the IBCC office.

Has anyone ever been in this situation before? I dont want to waste a year and would really appreciate any help regarding my issue. Is there another way that I could get into Pakistan med school? I wrote my SAT 2 and got good marks but I'm just stuck getting the equivalence certificate.

Thank you,