Need Urgent Help With MCAT Syllabus!
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    Med Studentz Newbie
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    Jul 2016
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    ExclamationNeed Urgent Help With MCAT Syllabus!

    So I'm a cambridge student whose taking the UHS MCAT and am having a problem with the syllabus.

    How identical is the MCAT Syllabus to Fsc? I got the 11 and 12 year Fsc books to prepare but its so flooded and different from A levels and it seems impossible to complete it all in a month, especially Biology.

    I downloaded the syllabus but it doesn't seem very clear, since there are some things in Fsc that arent explicit written in the Syllabus but are in the Fsc book of the same chapter.

    So I need an explanation telling me what I need to prepare and what I need not to, for example, the fungi and bacteria chapter are way longer than the MCAT Syllabus content.
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    Med Studentz Regular nayab itrat's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
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    Heyy! For the Fungi just do the things mentioned in the syllabus. There is a cycle for zygomycota do that lazmi from YouTube because the book is kinda vague about it. They give out of syllabus stuff too so like read anything you feel is connected Like in excretion the start has Alot of things they ask which aren't written. Also they ask Excretion and immunity questions from our Mary Jones book too. I know it can't be crammed in this amount of time so just do what the syllabus says and make notes of facts because they ask Alot of them in tricky ways. Best of luck! :v:
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    Med Studentz Newbie
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    Jul 2016
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    you can check the syllabus posted by UHS officially
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