My SAT Biology And Chemistry Notes And Some Tips !
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    My SAT Biology And Chemistry Notes And Some Tips !

    Hello everyone !

    Its coming up to admission season pretty soon, so im guessing people will be getting ready for the SAT exams so good time to post this . I done my exam this January and got 730 and 710 (Alhumdullilah )

    I only spent around 3-4 weeks before the exam revising (probably a bad idea ), and made these notes from the barrons SAT books which I got of amazon. Honestly barrons SAT books are great and would definitely recommend them. I'm a UK student from A-level background so there was a some new stuff on SAT and the exam style is completely different too so doing as many practice papers as possible to get used to it would help you a lot !! And since SAT exams are a lot about speed, doing a lot of questions should help with that too.

    Also the barrons test for both I think are harder as i was getting mid to high 600s on practice but managed to score higher on the real test so if you get high scores in practice you should have no problem with the real test.

    Anyways, I made these notes basically summing up each chapter from the book, I HIGHLY recommend doing the same as its a good way to revise rather than having to read the god knows how many 100s of pages of the book when you get closer to the exam.

    I got the scores I need, will be submitting my application to JSMU/SMC in Karachi soon inshallah so have no use for the notes now, so I hope they can help you ! Feel free to ask me if you need anything and good luck
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