AKU admission with bachelors???
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    Jan 2011
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    AKU admission with bachelors???

    hey all!

    i was searching for IBCC equivalence and wht not on google, and luckily came upon this forum...

    here's my question:

    i am interested in applying to AKU... however i have a BSc degree - which i just got last year -june 2010 - from uoft... cgpa 3.59 and mcat 30S..

    firstly, i was concerned as to whether aku has any age limit.. now i read how this age requirement has been removed from pmdc rules with regards to pak med schools... however i justw anted to confirm here, before i started sending in any app, as to whether there is any age limit.. as well, how many (estimated percentage) of first year class at aku cud be bachelors students...?

    secondly, now that i have my bachelors, do i need to write the SATs ?? or m i exempted from SATs??

    thirdly, do i still need to obtain equivalence certifcate from ibcc??

    this is wht aku brochure says:

    "Candidates from Pakistan and overseas who have
    achieved a cumulative grade B or a cumulative GPA of
    3.0 or have achieved at least 65% marks or equivalent in
    their degree examination may apply, irrespective of their
    achievements in Higher Secondary Certificate

    ^so, i can apply, irrespective of wht i got in high school... but does this mean i am exempted from the SATs??? secondly, it doesnt mention anything abt exemption from equivalence certifcate, so i am assuming i still need to get one... so now comes the final q : can i apply first and then work on getting that equivalence certificate? wud AKU be cool with that? or do i need to get the equivalnce in BEFORE the app... cuz the deadline is feb 4, even if i send my application thru express this coming week, it'll reach by mid jan... and i am sure ibcc equivalence is going to take a LOTTT of time..

    andddd... (i'm ALMOST done here), one last q: i believe i did have my high school stuff submitted to ibcc 4 years back, and i believe i DID obtain the equivalnce thing.. per its been so long i am not even sure if i wud still have it... i know asking this is probably silly, per any way ibcc system wud still have it stored somewhere? a copy in their records???


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    Med Studentz Beginner
    Member Since
    Jan 2011
    3 times
    umm... somthing went wrong with my font midway... and i cant find the edit button here.. sorry :$
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