Hello guys,
I am a lill bit confused how to get on further with my studies, i really want to study Medcine or Dentistry.
At time I am doing my German Abitur which is equal to the A-Levels, i dont think that i will get aseat here in Germany because of the merrit but I have searched some medical colleges in PK like the Ziauddin Univ. Karachi , Frontier medical college abbotabad and Al-shifa in Islamabad. I might do one or two years Of MBBS in PK and migrate back to a German univ. So can you tell me please what important thing I have to know if i want to study in PK. Do I have to give as a foreigner entrytest in Al-shifa? and how are the 3 colleges which I mentioned over ?
btw. I am a Pakistani jst living n going to college in Germany since my birth .#laugh
thx for your help.