MCAT 2011
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Thread: MCAT 2011

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    Med Studentz Beginner anas91's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
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    MCAT 2011

    All questions for entrance test (MCAT) 2011 shall be constructed from the topics listed in the "Syllabus for entrance test 2011" focusing the "learning outcomes" listed under each topic.
    The books that were recommended for study were done so because the "learning outcomes" and the topics were found in them and many more.
    Education and knowledge cannot be confined to ant set of books/notes but has to be specified through topics and learning outcomes.
    It is wrong to perceive that FSc students have to read non FSc books and vice versa, to be successful in the MCAT 2011.
    In fact, all questions shall be constructed keeping in mind cross-validity between the two streams of education and wholly from the syllabus alone.
    Neither the FSc students, nor the non FSc students have to study anything different or extra than their routine two years of formal education.
    Attending academies in fact prove detrimental to their outcome since the test shall focus on their routine studies only.

    Source: University of Health sciences website, its mentioned under the heading:
    Important Notice for MCAT 2011.
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    Med Studentz Veteran Dr.Anas Rafiq's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Central Park Medical College (1 of the BEST Alma Maters, affiliated with UHS)
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    Thanks for commenting, because i forgot my this 1 thread . .

    it has very important info for medstudentz, willing to appear for mcat 2011 .
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