Is My Fsc Score Sufficient To Get Into Private Med Schools?
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    Is My Fsc Score Sufficient To Get Into Private Med Schools?

    So my first year Fsc result came out yesterday, and it was an utter shock. I scored 78%, which is nothing like what I'd expected. The thing is, from the very start I knew that I'm not meant for this sort of system where you're doomed if you're not good at rote learning, but I went for it anyway. The whole year was dreadful, on one hand i was going through different books to build my concepts which I totally loved doing (A level, and high school books) and on the other, struggling with my Fsc course.
    The reason to share all of this, is to give you guys a view what I went through. I'll be applying to AKU, Shifa and CMH next year IA, as these were the places I was heading for, from the start. Do you guys think my Fsc score will become a hindrance in the admission process, even if i do great in their respective entry tests? Should I retake it or something?
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    I'm pretty sure it's enough as long as you do great in the Entrance test. I heard the closing merit in Shifa in 2014 was at 65% and 75% in AKU (Can't confirm though), including marks from the test and the interview. I think you should definitely give it a shot before retrying.
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