I am posting judgement of Lahore high court in which MCAT was called illegal. Then why UHS is still conducting the said exam

Writ Petition No.22713/2011
3 academies have been opened just in Lahore City which charge fee ranging from Rs.25,000/- to Rs.30,000/- per month per candidate studying therein which is not affordable to a common man; that there is a common complaint from the candidates that the procedure for examination of checking and compilation of the result of entry test is not transparent and the candidates having links with politicians and bureaucrats are given undue advantage during the test; that the entry test procedure and criteria has been announced suddenly which is unexpected to the candidates and they were also unaware about the same when they appeared in the matriculation examination, so no rule or regulation, whatsoever, can be promulgated retrospectively; that under the law, every child of the country deserves for equal opportunity in all the spheres of life including that of education; that the weightage set for admission to medical colleges is illogical and has been prepared without applying judicious mind; that the entry test is violative to Articles 9, 18, 25, 25-A, 27 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973; that the negative marking in MCAT is illegal and unlawful; that the privilege class of the society can afford high fee of Rs.38 lacs per child in the private medical colleges but not the common man; that the entry test is like that of an additional qualification which cannot be considered equivalent to the basic qualification of matriculation and F.Sc., so entry test should be abolished and if it remains in field, it should be given much less marks than that being given presently or previously; that the entry test policy is illegal being retrospective in nature; that the present students should be subjected to previous policy. Learned counsel pray that the weightage set for admission in medical colleges be set aside and the writ petitions be allowed as prayed for.